Random generators

(random-between low high)
Generates a random number uniformly chosen between low and high, inclusive.
Generates a random natural number (above zero).
Generates a random positive number (above one).
Generates a random integer.
Generates a random rational number (by dividing two random integers)
Generates a random complex number (using two random rationals)
Randomly generates either an integer, a rational, or a complex number.
Generates a random natural number, but favors smaller numbers. Appropriate if this value is going to determine the amount of data in a structure.
Generates a list of (random-natural) values, using a length determined by (random-data-size).
(random-natural-list-of-length ln)
Generates a list of (random-natural) values of a specified length. ln must be either a fixed natural number (such as 10) or a variable. So, for instance, (random-natural-list-of-length (random-natural)) will give an error. Instead, generate the length separately: (n :value (random-natural) xs :value (random-natural-list-of-length n))
(random-integer-list) and (random-integer-list-of-length ln)
similar to above
(random-digit-list) and (random-digit-list-of-length ln)
random lists of numbers between 0 and 9
(random-between-list low high) and (random-between-list-of-length low high ln)
similar to above; generates values between low and high inclusive (using (random-between low high)).
A list of values that strictly go up (a sorted list).

Note: The below random-list-of versions of the above functions are included in Proof Pad for compatibility with DrACuLa; They don’t add any functionality over the above forms. Additionally, unlike in DrACuLa, the parameters to random-list-of must match one of the below templates, or they won’t work. I recommend that you use the above generators instead.

(random-list-of (random-natural))
Alternate syntax for (random-natural-list)
(random-list-of (random-natural) :size ln)
Alternate syntax for (random-natural-list-of-length ln)
(random-list-of (random-integer))
Alternate syntax for (random-integer-list)
(random-list-of (random-integer) :size ln)
Alternate syntax for (random-integer-list-of-length ln)
(random-list-of (random-between low high))
Alternate syntax for (random-between-list low high)
(random-list-of (random-between low high) :size ln)
Alternate syntax for (random-between-list-of-length low high ln)